The missing case of a teacher named Prakashan is reported at the police station where John Luther works as a CI. As the investigation progresses, John meets with an accident in a scuffle while investigating another case.

Director: Abhijith Joseph

Writer: Abhijith Joseph

Actors: Jayasurya, Deepak Parambol, Siddique

Production: N/A

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John Luther is the central character in the British psychological crime drama television series "Luther", played by the acclaimed actor Idris Elba.

A complex and captivating individual, Luther embodies several key characteristics:

  • Brilliant Detective: Renowned for his exceptional ability to solve complex and gruesome crimes, Luther possesses an uncanny knack for understanding the minds of even the most disturbed criminals.
  • Unorthodox Methods: His unwavering dedication to catching criminals often leads him to breach protocol and employ unconventional, and sometimes questionable, methods. This puts him at odds with his superiors and colleagues but often proves effective in unraveling the truth.
  • Internal Struggles: Despite his brilliance, Luther is plagued by personal demons and emotional turmoil. He grapples with haunting memories from past cases and a constant internal battle between his relentless pursuit of justice and his own moral compass.
  • Troubled Relationships: Luther's intense focus on his work and unconventional methods often strain his relationships with colleagues and loved ones. Notably, his complex and captivating dynamic with Alice Morgan, a brilliant research scientist and occasional love interest, remains a central theme throughout the series.

The series, spanning five seasons from 2010 to 2019, explores Luther's journey as he navigates the dark underbelly of London's criminal world. Each season delves into intricate and suspenseful cases, showcasing Luther's exceptional detective skills while simultaneously unveiling the depths of his character and the toll his work takes on his personal life.

John Luther's character has garnered significant critical acclaim, with praise for Elba's portrayal of the multifaceted and morally ambiguous detective. The series itself has been lauded for its dark and gritty atmosphere, complex storylines, and compelling characters, making "Luther" a must-watch for fans of gripping crime dramas and complex character studies.